21 Legend
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The Legend Continues.....

Introducing the new 21 Legend - redesigned in 2003


Superboats introduced to their line of offshore powerboats the 21-foot Legend in 1978. This power boat was originally built by Challenger in 1976 and 1977. It was especially designed for the V-6 outboard. When Challenger went bankrupt in 1978, we purchased the boat molds from the owner. 

This model hull has had one of the most impressive winning records in the history of offshore racing. The 21 Legend has placed first, second or third - usually all three at the same race - in over 250 offshore races. That single engine outboard production class was the most popular class during the late '70's and early '80's with 10-15 entries at every race site.

 The 21 was unbeatable in this class and believe me, some big names were trying. Many famous drivers and throttlemen got their start in the 21, J.D. D'Leia and Joey Imprescia just to name a few, and in 1995 Mike Gagliano's 21, OCEAN OUTBOARD, was entered into the record books for obtaining the final and unbroken kilo record in the US Offshore Factory class with a speed of 72 mph in 1993. No powerboat in this size range has ever challenged this hull in rough or calm water, hence its name, the Legend.

5-Year Hull Warranty
Length: 20' 7"  Beam: 7' 6"
Weight: Apx. 1,250 lbs.  Fuel Capacity: 60 Gallons
Power: Outboard or IO  Bunks (Optional): 2 Adults
Degree V: 21 Degrees


 Cockpit Seating: 5


  60 Gallon gas tank foamed in place, five pull up cleats, two colors and white molded in hull and deck, full upholstery to match, storage lockers in cockpit sides, fiberglass buckets, rear bench seat and engine hatch with power lift.
CONSTRUCTION OPTIONS INCLUDE but are not limited to:
Basic color other than white
Custom color striping
Finished cabin, bunk cushions
Custom light weight hull
(Approximately 1,000 lbs.)
Clamp on wind deflectors

We are NOT a mass production builder.  All of our boats are made by hand and no two are alike. If there is anything you don't see and wish to have done, we will custom build any boat to order. We only ask two questions:  What size boat are you interested in, and how fast do you want to go....... Please contact us for a price quote.

Huge engine compartment

This custom boat was built for Murray Rideout, our Canadian dealer.



MerCruiser 454 Magnum with Bravo One drive
Test day: September 21, 1996, Great South Bay, Long Island 
Seas: 1 to 1 1/2 feet, Winds: 10-15 mph 
Minimum planing speed 20 mph 
Top Speed 80 mph at 4900 rpm on GPS 


Joey Imprescia tears up the Great South Bay during the fall of 2000. His personal pleasure boat of choice is our 21 foot Superboat Legend.  The top speed is unknown.


Billy Moore's idea of pleasure boating is wake jumping in the Fire Island Inlet.  



"The Exhibitionist is the name of the MerCruiser-driven Superboat, which Quinn says cuts a three-foot chop like a razor and is also great for water skiing.  "When I speed past all of the other boaters, most of them don't believe there is a woman at the throttle," Quinn says.  The 502 EFI is mated to a Black Hawk drive and delivers 96 mph, according to Quinn, who does most of her boating on the Great South Bay in Long Island, New York. - HOT BOAT MAGAZINE

Owner: Steven Andrade, Danville CA

"Here's an offshore hull that can take a pounding at any speed and also provides a great ski wake. Andrade's 1991 Superboat draws power from a 2.5 Merc EFI, with a 14 1/2 x 22 Mercury Chopper prop and custom jack lift plate. The boat is equipped with all stainless hardware, braided lines, In-Control throttle and steering, stainless water drainage tubes and custom-made ski tow bar. Andrade says the boat zips along at 80 mph and serves as a great ski boat for the family and a primo hot rod for himself. Check it out on Lake Don Pedro, the Delta and Lake Shasta." - HOT BOAT MAGAZINE, June 1997


"We make second place look like
 they're moving in slow motion"

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