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The 21 Millennium was designed as an all around sport utility boat that is perfect for cruising, fishing, water skiing, and high performance applications. The center console design uses our Legendary 21-foot offshore hull and sports a modern molded liner for ease of maintenance. The boat has plenty of storage: Inside the center console, and bow and stern floor lockers. There are also two storage compartments on both the port and starboard sides of the boat. The center console is a sleek new design that utilizes a center-throttle set up like a race boat with the driver on the right side. It is available in either a stand-up or sit-down version. This is essentially the basic boat. From here, (if you don't want the stock model) the rest is your design from dashboard layout to specialized equipment rigging for water skiing and fishing to power. For the best of all worlds, this boat does it all!

5-Year Hull Warranty

Length: 20' 7"  Beam: 7' 6"
Degree V: 21 degrees  Cockpit seating: 4
Fuel capacity: 60 gallons   Weight: Apx. 1,500 lbs.
 Stainless steel deck hardware and powder coated rails
Two colors and white molded in
60 gallon gas tank
Fiberglass bucket seats with upholstery to match
Storage lockers in cockpit sides and under floor in bow and stern
Rod holders and rod storage racks 
CONSTRUCTION OPTIONS INCLUDE but are not limited to:
Basic color other than white
Custom color striping
Powder coated rails
Custom light weight construction

We are NOT a mass production builder.  All of our boats are made by hand and no two are alike. If there is anything you don't see and wish to have done, we will custom build any boat to order. We only ask two questions:  What size boat are you interested in, and how fast do you want to go.......    Please contact us for a price quote



Customer Testimonial

"Just wanted to drop a line and say that the Millennium 21 is a beautiful boat! What a great idea to build a center console 21'. This is the perfect boat for someone like myself who loves to fish, water ski, and just bring a few coolers and friends over to Democrat Point on a beautiful Saturday afternoon. The best part is that it cuts through all the bay chop and makes dealing with all the damn boat wakes out there a little nicer!" - John Davis via e-mail.


"This is Superboat's new 21-foot Millennium center console, designed as a sport utility boat with high performance, top speed and handling in mind.  Coen says it's perfect for fishing, water skiing or just racing your buddies around the bay.  The boat is rigged with a 250 hp EFI outboard and has a top speed of 70 mph.  The console was designed with a center-throttle set up, just like a race boat, and the swept-back center console was designed to improve top speed.  It is a sit-down boat, as opposed to a fish-box seat, which keeps the riders in place at high speeds. "When people see this boat up close, heads turn automatically," Coen says.  Her husband gave this to her as a sixth anniversary gift.  What a guy!" - HOT BOAT MAGAZINE, January 2001


"We make second place look like
 they're moving in slow motion"

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