According to our customers, we build the hottest, fastest, power boats around. We build high performance powerboats and offshore race boats. Our customers use these boats for poker runs, waterskiing, fishing, and offshore racing. Be it an outboard boat or a stern drive boat, these boats sport the best performance and speeds in the boat building industry.

Don't take our word for it, we've only been in business for 32 years. Feel free to contact any of our customers via their linked E-mail addresses.


21-Foot Superboat Legend

Owner: Murray Rideout/Canada

Murray's boat flies across the cold Canadian waters at speeds to 82 mph (on a GPS). His fast boat is rigged with a 502 EFI mated to a Bravo One drive with a 26" Cleaver prop. This boat is totally customized with a windscreen, custom graphics and custom upholstery. Murray also happens to be our Canadian dealer.

21-Foot Superboat Millennium

"This is Superboat's new 21-foot Millennium center console, designed as a sport-utility boat with high performance, top speed and handling in mind. Coen says it's perfect for fishing, water skiing or just racing your buddies around the bay.  The boat is rigged with a 250-hp EFI outboard and has a top speed of 70 mph.  The console was designed with a center-throttle setup, just like a race boat, and the swept-back center console was designed to improve top speed.  It is a sit-down boat, as opposed to a fish-box seat, which keeps the riders in place at high speeds. "When people see this boat up close, heads turn automatically," Coen says. Her husband gave this to her as a sixth anniversary gift.  What a guy!" - HOT BOAT MAGAZINE, January 2001

2000 24-foot Superboat

Sean Dutra breaks in his new Superboat at the 2000 NPBA Manhasset Bay Poker Run on the Long Island Sound

30-Foot Superboat Tempest

This boat has the honor of being the winningest A-class race boat in the history of offshore racing. Robert Cardinal's boat is now retired, but not before it's entrance into the US Offshore Hall of Fame.  

32-Foot Superboat High Deck Supercat

2000 C-class World Champion

Extractor takes first place again at the New Jersey Offshore powerboat race in Point Pleasant

1997 34-foot Superboat Special

21-Foot Superboat Legend Classic

Billy from Mooreland Hose tears up boat wakes in the Fire Island Inlet - DO NOT TRY THIS AT HOME.

1998 24-foot Step Bottom Superboat

"Randy Taylor, New York, NY - Taylor's 1998 Superboat is rigged with a 300-hp Mercury outboard and a 26-inch prop.  According to its owner, the boat reaches a top speed of 73 mph.  "I keep the boat in New York in the summer and in Miami during the winter," hey says, "but wherever I go, this boat turns heads.  It easily takes on boats five feet longer in four- to five-foot seas.  The rough water handling and speeds of this hull are truly amazing."  The boat is also equipped with a full cabin and port-potty for overnighting." - HOT BOAT MAGAZINE, November/December 2000.

"Now this boat has (the right) attitude" - Randy Taylor

"Dear John and Company, My 1998 24' is awesome. I hit 73 mph with a 300 Merc and a 26" prop. This boat takes on boats 5' longer in 4-5' seas.  Thanks, Randy Taylor"

2001 30-Y2K

"The New Jersey Offshore Racing Association recently hosted the inaugural running of the Manufacturer's Challenge Cup in Point Pleasant, NJ, August 2. Our main focus was to produce and event that was racer, manufacturer and spectator friendly," said Toni Potthoff, president..............

..........This year's cups went to Superboat and Hustler.  Superboat took a dominant win over the rest of the single engine HP500 EFI V-hull class with its 30-0Y2K.  The boat was piloted by the owner of Superboat, John Coen with his son John Coen III on the sticks in his first offshore powerboat race.

Twenty-seven boats participated in this year's race, which according to reports will make its second annual showing in 2001, again in Point Pleasant.   For further information, call (732) 583-8502." - POKER RUNS OF AMERICA MAGAZINE, Vol 3 No. 5


32-Foot Superboat Sport Deck Supercat

Owner: Joey Imprescia, Babylon, NY


34-Foot Superboat Special

"The Superboat came into its own during a particularly nasty patch of rough water. We simply stabbed the throttle and let the bottom take over. It did not disappoint....The real measure of this new offering is performance in its intended environment-less-than-hospitable seas. It is precisely in this element that the Superboat roared into its own, its pronounced deep-vee cutting the waves and offering up one of the best rides in the genre. 

The quality of the fiberglass and the structural workmanship shined during our high-speed, high-water stint, with the hull and deck exhibiting the solid rigidity required for sustained duty under these conditions. The excellent handling and feel of the boat wasn't limited to periods of throttle-down running. Extremely maneuverable at low rpm, the Superboat 34' exhibited all of the traits of a much smaller boat around the docks."- HOT BOAT MAGAZINE


21-Foot Superboat Legend Classic
Recently purchased by legendary professional offshore throttle man Joey Imprescia, owner of East Coast Marine. The boat is rigged with a 225 ProMax outboard, and the top speed is unknown.  This is one fast boat.

1997 24-Foot Superboat

Pictured above: Jennifer Coen, Vice President of Superboats
takes Powerboat's Editor Eric Colby for a ride
Owner: David B. Krupnick, Long Island, NY

ALWAYS IN STYLE:  - "Call John Coen a traditionalist. The 53-year old owner of Superboats Inc. in Lindenhurst, NY likes the angular, high-sided look of his 24-footer and doesn't sound as if he's going to change....But Coen has been smart enough to keep up with current technology and construction techniques....It was the right mix of nostalgic appeal and modern technology.....One reason the boa handled the chop so well was its straight forward 24-degree deep-V bottom design......In addition to its superior ride in bay chop, the Superboat 24 retains its popularity because of its freeboard. Translated, the boat is tall for its length. 'We're really the only boat in any kind of production that is a stand-up boat that goes more than 60 mph with a single outboard,' said Coen." - Also, being a stand-up boat, it leaves plenty of headroom in the cabin for this size boat. Over nighting is a breeze." - POWERBOAT MAGAZINE, December 1997

1993 30-Foot Superboat Tempest

"Alexander's '93 Superboat measures 30 feet and is equipped with twin 2.5-Offshore EFI motors with an inboard configuration and an optimal outboard bracket setup, Latham external steering and throttles.  The boat is mint and fully loaded and delivers a top speed of 85 mph, according to Alexander's speedo.  "it's the greatest boat in the world," Alexander writes. "It's strong, reliable, bulletproof and affordable." HOT BOAT MAGAZINE, July 1996


32-Foot Sport Deck Superboat Supercat

1994, 1995, 1996 National Champions

"With its triple Mercury outboards, this popular JAWS racing team proved that the teeth are for real.  In 1994, the race team chomped its way to the C-class national championship in the US Offshore Racing Association ranks in this 32-foot Superboat which drew power and prep from Coty Marine (Perth Amboy, NJ).  The New Jersey based JAWS team is driven by Ronald Appleby, throttled by David Horstmann and navigated by John Stallings." - HOT BOAT MAGAZINE

34-Foot Superboat Special

"The approach at Superboats is simple - build a solid lightweight boat (4850 pounds rigged) that can take offshore abuse....This is one of the best behaved outboard-powered V-bottoms we've had the pleasure of driving....Running in waters for which it was intended, the 34 behaves perfectly in head-on and following seas....The boat breezes through slalom turns at 30, 40, and 50 mph and left turns at speeds above 50 mph are great.....When it comes to performance, Superboat lives up to its name offering outstanding handling and mannerisms for a large outboard powered V-bottom." - POWERBOAT MAGAZINE

1991 21-Foot Superboat Legend Classic

Owner: Steven Andrade, Danville CA

"Here's an offshore hull that can take a pounding at any speed and also provides a great ski wake. Andrade's 1991 Superboat draws power from a 2.5 Merc EFI, with a 14 1/2 x 22 Mercury Chopper prop and custom jack lift plate. The boat is equipped with all stainless hardware, braided lines, In-Control throttle and steering, stainless water drainage tubes and custom-made ski tow bar. Andrade says the boat zips along at 80 mph and serves as a great ski boat for the family and a primo hot rod for himself. Check it out on Lake Don Pedro, the Delta and Lake Shasta." - HOT BOAT MAGAZINE

1977 24-Foot Superboat

Bill Fatula and Rich Jastrzembski's 1977 24-foot Superboat has a 454 dynoed at 500 hp before he added the Bassett headers. She has a velvet drive tranny and a stern power drive. The boat recently went 81 mph without using the k-planes.

30-Foot Superboat Tempest

"To the racing community, Jeff Gerardi is best known for hanging out the door of a helicopter at 100 plus mph shooting video and stills of the race boats. With over 23 years of experience, a catalog of more than 40,000 photographs, and a video library in excess of 500 volumes, it is no wonder that Freeze Frame Video is a household name amongst offshore enthusiasts. He adds to this collection, Year End Reviews, The-Best-Of, and custom race tapes that he edits for race team sponsor promotional packages.

Jeff first became involved with high performance boating in 1974 while an employee at John Coen's Superboat factory on Long Island in New York. Coen was racing his world famous 24-foot Superboat at the time, and Jeff would accompany him to all of the races. Because Jeff was an amateur photographer for many years prior, he decided to shoot stills of the race boats. The 1975 Benihana Grand Prix in Point Pleasant, NJ was his first endeavor and proved a worthwhile undertaking.

Jeff continued to shoot until 1982 when the offshore bug bit even harder. He built his own 30-foot Superboat which was ultimately named FREEZE FRAME, and began to race. He raced 27 races through the '82-'83 seasons, and he walked off with the top honors at Billy Franz's NPBA Northeast Divisional category; but his schedule was hectic for he would continue to shoot whenever he was not racing in the Superboat................." - OFFSHORE RACING MAGAZINE '98

Jeff Gerardi gets ticketed by the Suffolk County Police for speeding in his Superboat - Summer '99

Our special thanks to Jeff and Freeze Frame Video for providing many of the photos on this web site.

32-Foot High Deck Superboat Supercat

Paul Jenkins, Frankfort, NY - Twin Chevy 900 hp engines, #5 drives



"We make second place look like
 they're moving in slow motion"

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